As you probably know by now, as a man, rapid hair growth is not as appealing as it is with women. Similarly, frequent visits to the hairdresser aren’t a chore we like to look forward to as they are not only tedious but costly as well. So the best, most practical, and simplest solution to this problem is to buy your own best trimmer for black men hair.

However, if you are an Afro-American man like myself, you would need to find something more than “just ordinary.” Unlike others, our black hair is thick, curly, and rough. So managing and taming it would not be an easy task and will require a lot of extra care and maintenance. Another option that you might want to consider is shaving your head bald and for that we have a complete review of the best head shavers for you to consider.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this guide, we’ve compiled the 10 best hair clippers for Afro-American hair, along with their features, traits, pros, and cons so that you can fully take control of your hair.

Things To Consider When Buying Hair Clippers For Black Men

We’ve gathered the most important factors to consider when comparing products to purchase one of the best trimmers for black men hair:

Motor and Cutting Power

The cutting power of the clipper is determined by the motor it is equipped with. There are three motors to choose from – electromagnetic, pivot, and rotary. For Afro-textured hair, we would recommend pivot and rotary motors as the are fueled with more power. Take a look at this Clipper Motors Guide to have a better understanding.

Length and Comfort of Blades

Blades play an important role when it comes to cutting length and cutting comfort. Make sure you buy a clipper with sharp blades that requires very little maintenance. We would recommend using blades that are made of ceramic.


How your clipper is shaped, designed and how does it feel in your hand? Is it too heavy? Can you keep a grip on it? Do you feel comfortable holding it? You should ask yourself all these questions before buying one. You’ll be spending at least 15 minutes using it in a single session and you need something that’s comfortable.

Extra Accessories and Combs

You are about to spend money, so make sure you spend it on a product that comes along with a few additional accessories. For example, extra combs, lubricator, cleaning brush, scissors, etc.


Out of all of the clippers and trimmers present out there, we are listing down 10 of the best hair clippers for curly hair. We’ve conducted thorough research and practically used all these to save you from false promises by the manufactures. Let’s dive in!


Wahl Professional Magic Clip #8148

Wahl Professional Magic Clip #8148 trimmerIf you are looking for a tool to shape afro-textured hair, then this Wahl Professional 5 star magic clip is the right one for you. Whether you want to use it for personal use or professional, it will give you a clean and tidy look.

It is equipped with corded and wireless features, along with a lithium-ion battery that can operate for 90 minutes straight when fully charged. In addition, this incredible clipper is powered by a rotatory, electromagnetic motor that provides you with a quick, clean, smooth, and quiet operation.

The incredible features of this clipper do not end here, it is equipped with high-tech Stagger-tooth blades. These amazing 2161 blades ensure you face no overlaps or hair plucking. Moreover, these blades increase their speed gradually as you move them through your hair. The blade guards are completely safe and will prevent all kinds of accidents and injuries, in addition, they are able to move through the thickest of heads which is perfect for black men who want to trim their hair at home.

The clipper weighs just 10 oz and provides you with convenient and easy use. The power switch is placed at the side and can be turned on by just one hand. Moreover, with this clipper, you will receive 6 combs, a brush, a lubricator, and a charger. All in all, it will provide you with a sharp and efficient performance for your afro-textured hair. It’s not cheap in price, but definitely worth it.

What we like

  • It offers a variety of styling options to be considered one of the best trimmers for black men hair
  • The electromagnetic motor will give you a quiet operation that won’t disturb your neighbors or people living with you
  • The blades are of great quality and require zero maintenance
  • Comes with 6 combs that offer different styling options
  • The battery time is amazing

What we don’t like

  • Nothing as of yet!


Wahl Peanut Clipper #8655

Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper Next on our list is another amazing clipper by Wahl, the Wahl Professional Cordless Peanut Clipper. It is tiny and compact in size, but effective and its casing does feel like you are holding a peanut.

There is a rotatory electromagnetic motor that gives a boost to the Wahl Peanut blades, providing you with smooth and quiet operation. The clipper weighs just four ounces.

This Wahl Peanut isn’t cordless – it features a 7-foot cord, which is still a foot shorter than other clippers with cords out there. Additionally, in the package, along with the clipper, you will receive four combs, a blade guard, a blade guide, and a cleaning brush.

Moreover, the Wahl Peanut Clipper comes with 4 blade guards; all you have to do is attach your desired one with the clipper and start trimming your Afro hair to come out with a style that suits you best. Even with such a small size, the Wahl Peanut Clipper works excellently and you’ll surely feel like a PRO while using it. The design is sleek, handy and is one of the best trimmers for black men hair.

What we like

  • The design is compact which makes a perfect travel-friendly clipper
  • Small enough to fit into tight spaces
  • It comes with a brush and oil
  • Sleek, black design and comes with 4 blade guards
  • Has an efficient and quiet operation

 What we don’t like

  • It might cut slower compared to other clippers because the blades are relatively smaller
  • If your hands are large in size, you will feel a little uncomfortable holding this clipper


Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper black hair trimmerThis Oster Classic 76 is one of the best clippers for curly hair on our list. This an incredible, heavy-duty trimmer and is equipped with a single-speed universal motor. In addition, it comes with detachable blades that can even cut the thickest of hair to their minimum level.

If you have messy, Afro-textured hair (like many of us do), this clipper is the perfect tool you can get to maintain your thick hair. It is equipped with a lot of high-tech and automatic features along with a break-resisting case and a 9-feet long cord. In addition, it includes sharp and low maintenance blades that come in different designs and sizes and it works perfectly well on both dry and wet hair.

The clipper weighs 2 pounds; a little on the heavier side but is very efficient and durable. This trimmer comes packed with a lot of extra accessories such as lubricating oil, a cleaning brush, extra blade guards, grease, and a 9-feet cord. It features a hanging loop for your convenience and will provide you with heavy-duty haircuts with a lot of styling options.

It is made of high-quality steel that is durable. To sum it all, it is a great product with many benefits to offer. The only problematic thing about it, is its price, it is relatively expensive, but, if you ask us, it is worth the money if you’re looking for the best trimmers for black men hair.

What we like

  • It is durable and powerful
  • The blades are easy to use and maintain
  • The design is sleek, attractive, and eye-catching
  • Comes with a lot of additional accessories
  • Strong body structure and casing
  • Equipped with a powerful motor

What we don’t like

  • The price 🙂 it is relatively expensive compared to other clippers but still worth the buy.

Oster Model 10 Classic Professional Hair Grooming Clipper

Oster Model 10 Classic Professional Hair Grooming Clipper black hair trimmerThe Oster Model 10 can be considered as the little brother of the Classic 76, with almost the same features and specifications. It almost has the same vintage design as the 76 and is equipped with the same powerful motor in addition to the 76 detachable blades.

The vintage design of the Oster Model 10 portrays extreme quality and tradition. It features a single-speed universal motor which means you will face less vibration, nearly quiet operation and more power. As a black man with rough-textured hair, you’ll find this trimmer to be much more efficient than what you used to have before. It will cut your hair quicker and will work perfectly on both wet and dry hair.

The powerful motor is covered by a very strong and durable body case. The clippers attached to the Oster Model 10 are strong and sturdy. The body case is made of very hard and high-quality plastic. Though plastic tends to be a thin material, it’s not the case with the Oster Model 10. The blades are made of steel and with a masterful art that can simply cut through all types of hair without any compromise or difficulties. This is why we think the clipper is one of the best trimmers for black men hair in the market right now, especially when it comes to black men and their rough, curly hair.

With the clipper, you will also receive a lubricating oil, blade guard, and a cleaning brush. It is not cordless but does feature a 10-meter long cord which is convenient and allows you to move it anywhere you want. It is lightweight, yet strong and effective. The clipper is obviously on the expensive side, but the quality you get in return is unquestionable. Overall, it is incredible, durable, and a great investment for sure.

What we like

  • Ideal for both personal use and professional use
  • Provides a rather quiet operation
  • Equipped with a powerful motor
  • Perfect for all heavy-duty use
  • Sleek and vintage design
  • Comes with useful additional accessories

What we don’t like

  • While being used, the clipper might get too hot

Andis Professional Outliner Square Blade Trimmer

Andis Professional Outliner Square Blade black hair trimmerThe Andis Professional Outliner is one of the best trimmers for fading black men hair, as it has those sturdy and high-quality blades required for Afro-textured and coarse hair. We love Andis products and have done a comprehensive in depth review of their profoil shavers which you would surely find interesting as well. their top products for  The outer case and body of this clipper looks like it’s a grenade and it would surely provide you with extreme satisfaction when it will explode 🙂

The blades are made of special, hard, strong carbon steel that can cut wet and dry hair alike. The product is lightweight, compact, and can easily fit in your hands while providing you with convenient use. It is equipped with an already fueled and powerful magnetic motor that runs smoothly, quietly, and rarely heats up with extended usage.

The blades have almost zero gaps in between and can perfectly cut through the thick hair black men usually have. The Andis Professional Outliner clipper is not cordless, but it features an 8-foot long cord with a hanger loop for placing it conveniently. The clipper is amazing if you have sensitive skin. The blades won’t cause any kind of irritation like some other clippers do.

Please note that it’s recommended that the blades are oiled before use for optimal results. Andis always test their products before launching them, so you can expect nothing but satisfactory results from them. From styling to trimming to outlining, this is one of the best trimmers for black men hair in the market right now. It is a durable product, and will surely last for years.

What we like

  • Equipped with a high-speed motor for a wonderful hairstyling experience
  • The blades are adjustable to provide you with a customized trimming experience
  • The blades have almost zero gaps in between, which means your hair won’t get stuck in them
  • The blades are made of high-quality carbon steel and are rustproof
  • Lightweight, durable, and convenient to use
  • Comes with an 8-foot long cord and a hanging loop

What we don’t like

  • Comes with no additional accessories

Wahl Professional Combo with Trimmer and Clipper #8329

Andis Professional Outliner Square Blade for black hair trimmerIf you’re looking for a professional pair of a clipper and a trimmer that is effective for your thick, Afro hair, the Wahl Professional Combo is the ideal option for you. This combo includes the Taper 2000 Clipper and an AC Trimmer in black and gold. The clipper is equipped with a powerful electromagnetic motor that can work through both wet and dry hair.

The AC trimmer is durable, powerful and can cut through rough hair easily. On the other hand, the tapper features stainless steel blades and is extremely lightweight and easy to use. Along with the clipper and trimmer, you will get additional accessories such as six combs, a cutting guide, blade oil, cleaning brush, red blade guards, and a manual.

The clipper weighs 1 pound while the trimmer weighs approximately 9.3 ounces. The blades included are self-sharpening (!!!), easy to operate, and are suitable for all hair types. Both pieces of equipment feature an 8-foot professional grade cord that will provide you with superior performance.
All in all, it is perhaps the best multi-purpose combo you can ever find. With both a high-tech clipper and a trimmer, this is probably the best combo for black men and their rough, coarse hair. Other than this, it comes with proper guidance and an instructions manual that will make haircutting easy and effortless for you.

What we like

  • It is a multi-purpose combo
  • Comes with additional accessories and a guide as well
  • It features self-sharpening high-quality blades
  • Both pieces are equipped with a powerful motor
  • Sleek and attractive design

What we don’t like

  • The combo is not portable nor travel-friendly


Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium-Ion Trimmer #9818

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium-Ion Trimmer #9818 for black hairThe Wahl Stainless Steel Trimmer is a multi-purpose tool that will provide black men with every benefit they need to trim their hair. The trimmer is encased in a stainless steel body that weighs under a pound and can easily be gripped in your hands. It is also equipped with a lithium-ion battery that provides 4 hours of operation with just 1 hour of charge.

The trimmer comes with many additional blades which include a standard clipper, a detail trimmer, and a detail shaver. This means you have a lot of options and styles to work with along with a powerful trimmer, in addition, you get a set of twelve combs. Eight of them are standard, general combs while the other four are short stubble combs.

The features don’t just end here, along with the trimmer you’ll get a few additional accessories as well. These include a blade oil, cleaning brush, beard comb, and a sturdy case to put the entire kit together.

Overall, it is one of the best hair trimmers for Afro-American hair that comes with excellent power, a short charge time, and is cordless as well. The only downside is that as it is small in size, it couldn’t hold a more powerful motor. In addition, the stainless steel body has no gripping aids, so it might get slippery when your hands are wet.

What we like

  • It is a multi-purpose tool
  • Includes a set of twelve combs for different styles
  • Features some additional accessories
  • Quick charge and operation time
  • It is cordless
  • Compact and portable

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t provide a good grip as it has no gripping aids


Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper for black hairAfter Oster 76 and Model 10, the Oster Fast Feed is another brilliant product with similar and additional exceptional qualities. Talking about the design, again, it’s vintage with a bright burgundy cylinder. It weighs just one pound, which is ideal. If we look at it aesthetically, it is an elegantly designed piece of electronic.

Unlike other clippers in our list, this one is equipped with a Pivot Motor, which is specially designed to cut down noise and heat to its minimum while providing you with great power. The blades are made of typical Oster quality – durable, strong, and can work for a long time. Additionally, it comes with four combs of different lengths and a short blending comb.

The clipper isn’t cordless, it comes with an industry-standard, eight-foot-long cord. Along with the clipper, you get some extra maintenance accessories such as a blade guard, blade oil, and a brush.

The only downside of this clipper is its combs – they are less durable (in comparison to other models) and might break under heavy use. Other than that, the Oster Fast Feed is a durable and reliable clipper and will work perfectly no matter how thick your hair is so it’s surely the best trimmer for black men hair!

What we like

  • It offers whisper-quiet operation and ensures a smooth trimming process
  • It has a strong and durable blade guard
  • It has an aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy to use and grip
  • Comes with a strong casing

What we don’t like

  • Battery life is relatively short
  • The combs included can break under heavy usage

Babyliss Pro MetalFX Series

Babyliss Pro MetalFX Series black hair trimmerThe Babyliss Pro Metal FX Series is a clipper that comes in three different colors; Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver. It is wireless and is equipped with a high-quality brushless Ferrari-designed engine. The body has a metallic touch which gives it an elegant and classy look. It is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that provides 3 hours of uninterrupted operation.

This cordless clipper is coated with a titanium blade, features a 5-detent taper control and comes with eight comb attachments. It is a perfect tool and can easily cut through the rough-textured, curly hair black men usually have.

It provides you with a blade of 6300 movements per minute, which means it can cut even the thickest of hair – perfect for your Afro-textured hair and that’s why it’s included as one of the best trimmers for black men hair. The trimmer is extremely lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and will provide you with a comfortable trimming experience.

It comes with eight extra blades of different sizes while offering you a variety of styling options. It is equipped with an anti-vibration feature which means there will be relatively less noise and disturbance.

What we like

  • Elegant design, variety of colors
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Provides an easy grip and convenient use
  • Comes with eight additional blades
  • It is cordless and the battery time is ideal

What we don’t like

  • Mainly the price

Philips Norelco MG7750/49

Philips Norelco MG7750/49 black hair trimmerThe Philips Norelco MG7750/49 is considered one of the best tools to maintain Afro-textured hair. Philips is well known for its high-quality electronic devices, and they surely didn’t compromise here either. Unlike others, this clipper can work for a whopping five hours and comes with all the tools and accessories you need to turn your black hair trimming day into a feast.

It is not just amazing for Afro-textured hair, but is also considered as one of the best clippers for fading black hair. Moreover, the trimmer is equipped with a full metal motor that boosts its power. The motor is fueled with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides smooth and continuous operation.

The trimmer is armed with DualCut technology for hair shaving and balding precisions. It comes with a total of 23 additional pieces which include some shaving and trimming tools, bodyguards, fading hair combs, hair guards, and stubble guards.

Overall, the electronic device weighs 0.93 lb, the motor and blades are of high quality, and it is surely one of the top trimmers for afro hair. A great, reliable product if you’re looking to keep yourself clean and tidy from the comfort of your home.

What we like

  • Comes with 23 additional shaving and trimming items
  • It has a DualCut technology which makes it the best trimmers for black men hair
  • The razor blades are strong and durable
  • Works for both dry and wet hair
  • Battery time and power are incredible
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Convenient and easy to use

What we don’t like

  • The length adjuster might be hard to use
  • Spare parts might be difficult to find


As someone who has thick, curly hair, I know that maintaining it can be difficult, but not impossible. At this point, you have probably gone through all the products and we are sure that you have narrowed it down to one product.

We hope that all your shopping needs ended up here and you are ready to buy the one that would work perfectly for you. Do not forget to tell us which one you chose from the above list. We would love to hear back from you and see what kind of features you look for.